Comfortable and climbable sunbed that all reptiles will appreciate. Hammock is hand woven seagrass lasting fiber, 100% natural.

Attach to glass and terrarium acrylic walls. The suction cups provided to create a lasting bond, but also allow you to move it anywhere in your reptile tank. Provides an elevated Vantage place that all reptiles will appreciate.

Excellent for use with terrestrial donkeys and reptile species, and can be positioned accordingly. The versatility of the hammock lizard allows you to position this many ways until your pet is happy.

The 43.2 x 50.8 cm reptile lounger is the ideal size for anoles, pogonas, geckos, iguanas, hermit crabs, and many more.

Purchase several lizard loungers to create a fun multi-level Jungle Gym your reptiles will never get tired of. nifty naturalist hangout makes a great addition to any habitat


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